Mystery On Crustal Lake

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  • Nine houses sit on the shore of a small lake outside a large city. Tim Taylor an eighteen year old boy hears a scream from the last house as he is paddling by one day in his kayak.

    For years mystery has surrounded this weird looking house and the reclusive people who live in it. A few days later to his surprise and horror he finds a dead body floating in the lake. What is he to think? Are these people somehow involved? 

    No one has ever met the residents of this strange looking house until Tim meets a girl on the back road who lives there. His life suddenly becomes far more complicated. Will his inquisitiveness help solve the mystery or will it put him in some unknown danger? 


    The author and his wife currently live near a conservation area in the city of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.  They enjoy nature and feel blessed to have nature at their doorstep. They have spent over fifty years canoeing and hiking the great outdoors in the Algoma area .