FC leader clear 50yd 10lb

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  • The Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader is a 100% fluorocarbon line made for all of your leader and topshot needs. Built using Sunline s E3 raw materials the Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader provides the perfect balance of tensile strength knot strength and stretch. The Sunline FC Fluorocabon Leader is also made with a Triple Resin Processing that gives it enhanced knot strength and increased abrasion resistance. A perfect match for Sunline s SX1 Braid the Sunline Fluorocarbon Leader has a low water absorption for negligible strength loss under water. For the leader in leaders and a top-notch topshot look no further then Sunline FC Fluorcarbon Leader. Line Diameter8lb12lb16lb20lbInches.0093.0112.0130.370MM.235.285.330.370